About Us

Our custom labels can be printed on Anodized Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Vinyl, Foil, Polyester, PVC, Acrylic, Self Adhesive Paper etc. with your company information and/or logo, We have been in the nameplate manufacturing for more than 15 years, we have been investing our experience and skills in manufacturing the most qualitative range of Labels, or industries like Machineries, Transformer, Control Panel, pharmaceuticals, Electronic Equipment, Pumps, Motors, Automobiles etc.

Our Staffs

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Our manufacturing plant is located at the industrial city of Hosur in Tamilnadu State with sprawling 1500 sq. yard of area. It houses state-of-the-art processing machinery, latest printing press and chemical process plant, punching & cutting workshop all under one roof, everything under control.

Total facility under one roof. Your work progresses through our marketing office to design studio, then process unit to printing press and chemical process plant to finishing dept. to punching and cutting workshop, etc. This makes work more efficient and keeps schedule under control.

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We have always recognized the importance of new technology. We are well equipped with latest computers, best of software, scanners, printers, Laser Engraver, Imported Printing machinery and CNC machinery. Qualities of our labels for all imaginable uses vouch for it. We can produce large to very large sizes of labels in big or small quantity up to single piece! This expertise can be put to innovative use of metal labels like trophies, momentous, calendars, greeting cards etc. as well.

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The Philosophy



It never changed. Our customer acceptance itself comes from our belief in giving the best value. Achieved through our work expertise, dealing ethics, keeping with the technology and meeting customers schedules.

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Our Team


This combined with efficient engineers, computer experts and skilled work force make the entire manufacturing process fast and full proof and complete the job well before deadline which in turn keeps our cost affordable. Nothing but continued quest for quality and customer satisfaction have brought about several awards including one international Pamex award. Wherever you are and whatever you manufacture we definitely would like to establish a mutually beneficial business relationship. Just get in touch.